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The following is the authors original content.

The Astral body is achieved and just a little bit of understanding for all, "it is your Energy Being" within your physical body.

Everybody projects it but many can't understand the sensation of when it happens. When we were babies we projected all the time. When we were children, we were subjected to the beliefs of others to not continue and therefore we lost the practice of this amazing natural experience. Yes, it is natural - it's apart of us. We see light and we know about kinetics or the aura around us. Just imagine if we can see that around monks and gurus and some people who are in a heighten stage.

This amazing body is the reason why we have psychic abilities. Many if you are truthful to yourselves, feel an electric shock when you wake up or just sitting down your energy Being is moving/ the octave is vibrating at an incredible rate.

Many people say that you have to do these rituals or move into a trance or quietness - No! In actual fact, you do it every moment of the day but you don't realize it.

Do you remember the game we used to play when we were children- we hold something in our hands and ask them to guess it! Why do you think we did that? It is a game we played out many times naturally when we played it in the astral world.
Children can't play these games naturally, because our parents have forgotten and as we grow older we start to forget also. It becomes lost to us and we do want to start it again.All the psychologically mind games that have played on us in our childhood to think different of this natural ability it becomes harder to remember how simple it was as adults.

All these games as chess, cards, and strategy are all mind games - you are trying to figure out their next move = You are trying to use your natural ability of telepathy.

The Astral Temple is taking you from beyond the physical world to the interdimensional world called the Astral dimension or Home. As this is an app we can put just a small piece here, but we will soon provide a link to where you may find what you have been searching.

Events in the News section will be change as we progress, which is available in your app. Send it to your mobile in the above 'Send App'. add your mobile or share it.

Welcome to 'The Astral Temple' mobile app. In progress; available shortly to download.
Thank you all. Another mobile app by Warren Edser.

Business Locations:

Understanding your app

I have only given a portion of what I can make for you.
The following is what the buttons do. This is a basic app.

Camera shows Photos: where I can place photos of a business . They periodically change as each time a person visits the app on their desktop you will see a different picture.

Bird is to Share: self explantory. Different ways that you can get your message out about your app.

Heart: this is the homepage. A little about the the business. Sometimes it may have a message about a special or a video a or hours.

The next is News: Advertise a Special for the day... Like if you have a breakdown or something, the message is sent out to all your customers who you have shared your app Immediately. This allows a customer to get the message as soon as they turn their mobile on and see the message Special **TODAY ONLY** right there.

Next is MAP: This shows where you are in Gympie. So if a friend had shared it and say they are coming into Gympie and need your assistance or prepare meat for them, they see your special today and find you easy through the map.

Next is call: this is self explantory but allows your customers to phone you from the app. Your face is right on their app all the time. 21st century word to mouth advertising.


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Warren Edser - Certified App Developer