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Welcome to our app. In many ways it's as versatile and nimble as we are because it works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, even on Mac and PC, and now on iPhone 5. This app is made as a courtesy to our community to inform you about "ALERTS" for road closures and Flooding, and council works by Warren Edsers apps.
Where your Internet is unavailable and where your mobile is, you can follow "ALERTS" for Flooding and keep you informed if and when businesses are closed and reopen.

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The following is from 28th March 2014:

Long awaited rain causes road closure - 28 March 2014

Gympie Regional Council Mayor, Cr Ron Dyne advised that flooding and road closures are being experienced throughout the region.

Mayor Dyne advised residents and visitors to monitor the weather situation and urged them to put safety first.

"As at 7am this morning, we have had notification that five roads including Cootharaba Road, Kenilworth Skyring Creek Road, Noosa Road, Randwick Road and Traveston

Crossing Road have been closed due to flooding."

"Due to the continuing rise in flood water in the Coodoo Creek and Mary River it is anticipated that Coondoo Bridge will be closed at approximately 11am this morning and

Kidd Bridge will be closed at around 2pm this afternoon."

"The simple message is: If it is flooded – forget it."

"Police also would like to remind motorists that heavy fines apply if they ignore road closure signs."

Emergency Information and Road Report Updates

For updated Weather information

• Weather warnings and forecasts – listen to your local ABC radio station or visit the Bureau of Meteorology " website
• Local road closure information – visit council's website at" or call council on 1300 307 800.
• Residents who wish to report unsafe road conditions are asked to phone Council on 1300 307 800.

In an Emergency
• Call 000 in a life-threatening emergency
• Contact the SES Emergency Line on 13 2500 for assistance with damage.

What to do

• Be vigilant and monitor water levels in your local area.
• Avoid driving, walking or riding through flood waters.
• Obey road closed signs.
• Ensure children do not play in or near strongly flowing water, near culverts or open stormwater drains.
• Drive carefully, assuming that flooding (either local or river) may be across the road you are driving on.
• Be Prepared – Information to assist businesses and residents is available from Gympie Councils at" Website . You can also access the Emergency Action Plan, Local Disaster Management Plan and Gympie CBD Flood Plan from the website.


Any information on flash flooding or roads inundated is welcome to assist staff in keeping their information up to date, especially once areas become isolated in large

floods and access to outlying areas becomes impossible.

Please ring the Council if you come across any roads that are flooded or which the council needs to be advised.

Gympie council
242 Mary Street
Phone: +617 54810800
Hours: Mon - Friday 8.00am-5.00pm

If you see how this app can assist you and you wish it to be activated, please give your feedback in writing or phone the Gympie Council and direct it to the Mayor Rob

Dyne or Christine Kennedy(Acting) Personal Assistant to the Mayor Gympie Regional Council Ph: 07 5481 0668.

PLEASE NOTE: Stepping into the future of communication when other avenues are not available, we can inform our community of dangers and where floods are concern.

Share this app with your friends and be in contact with details to your mobile, and tablet if your Internet is unavailable on your pc.

Thank you for your valuable time. I hope that this will assist you and our community.

Stay safe and well.

Gympie facing a massive flood clean-up:

THE big clean up will start today in the wake of a major flood that inundated the Gympie Region yesterday.

After reaching a height of 20.3m Mary River flood waters are starting to slowly recede and attention has now turned to the major clean-up effort which will roll-out over the coming days.

Local Disaster Coordination Centre Chair and Gympie Regional Council Mayor, Cr Ron Dyne, said the flood event had caused inundation to approximately 143 businesses and 25 residences across the region.

"The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service will be assisting with clean-up efforts, which will include a high pressure wash-out of affected CBD businesses from first light tomorrow," Cr Dyne said.

"Clean-up crews will be deploying a number of vehicles so that, where ever possible, they can assist with clean-up efforts across the region.

"Affected business operators and residents can register for clean-up assistance by calling the Local Disaster Coordination Centre hotline on 5482 6399."

Basic use of the app:

On the Home screen when you start it, you will see 6 icons. The icon camera: is where your photos go. The

icon bird :is where you share your app: The icon map: location and phone number: The icon paper: is news that

you want your customer to know..Alerts, road closed due to flooding: specials, events, discounts etc: The icon Heart: shows what you have on your

home screen.

This is a basic app with no bells and whistles. The enhancements as you can see from : Gympiefloodalert app is activated later on when you decide to proceed.
The App News:

The App News: We will gladly customize your app and through your app you will see features of the benefits to having an app that updates any details that you provide us instantly to all those who you have shared the app to. No other app can provide all these features under one roof.
Have a look here


Camera shows Photos: where I can place photos of a business . They periodically change as each time a person

visits the app on their desktop you will see a different picture.

Bird is to Share: self explantory. Different ways that you can get your message out about your app.

Heart: this is the homepage. A little about the the business. Sometimes it may have a message about a special

or a video a or hours. This can show the state of the floods and shows bridges closed as an example.

The next is News: Advertise a Special for the day... Like if you have a breakdown or something, the message is sent out to all your customers who you have shared your app Immediately. This allows a customer to get the message as soon as they turn their mobile on and see the message Special **TODAY ONLY** right there.

Next is MAP: This shows where you are in Gympie. So if a friend that had been shared the app is coming to Gympie they may find out by clicking on the app the state of the floods and roads closed. A "Warning Alert" is better than finding when they come upon it. You may have a road closed for repairs and so on.

Next is call: this is self explantory but allows your customers to phone you from the app. Your face/business is right on their mobile or tablet 24 hrs a day 7 Days a week.

Show your concern of using the Gympiecouncil flood alert app.

Thank you for your valuable time. I greatly appreciate it.

My name is Warren Edser bringing Gympieonmobile

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NOTE: If you share it, you must advise your customers that if you do not want to proceed that the app will become unusable and go black on their mobile or tablet after the 30 days. Usually after a few days the person can see the potential or not and knows what they are going to do whether proceed. This app is one of a kind and no other app has this much potential as well as a special enhancement of 'push messages' to all those who have your app.

I wish you well and any further details or enquires, please don't hesitate to call me on 0423922895 or email me at

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